"hang on a little bit longer, hang on ‘cause you’re a goner."

R.I.P. dee dee, tommy, johnny, joey.

this band… what can i say. They are awesome. the spirit of old school hardcore punk is alive in their blood, and i love every second of it.


Under the reeed hot moooon… 

take the bus downtown to the graveyard shift tonight…

Martyr AD
July 14, 2002
New York State Fairgrounds
Syracuse, NY

this is like time capsule… i love it. 

(via thisishardcorefest)

pure fucking punk rock. this singer reminds me a lot of ian curtis. 

man i kind of forgot all about irate… this takes me back.

"All the horror movies are real in my mind" 

fuck i love this song. too bad michale graves is such a tool.

this is blowing my mind.

i love that shis song is in die hard. lol